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Have you often wondered if a foaming cleanser is good for your skin?

Has it made your skin feel squeaky clean? If you tend to have oily based skin this can definitely give your oily skin a break, but is it actually good for your skin?

Some things to think about.

Should you be stripping oil from your skin?

Is squeaky clean a good thing?

Does a foam cleanser actually mean your skin is cleaner?

The answer is: No. We highly recommend you avoid using a foam cleanser on your skin. Here’s why:

Foaming cleanser may feel wonderful on your face, but they are on turbo charge.

Foam cleansers tend to be made up of an oil and water mixture They have high levels of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) the more foam the cleanser makes, the harsher it is overall. It washes off all the good things on your skin.

Typically when you wash your face you want to remove makeup and sunscreen. You want to remove harmful pollution particles such as dirt, dust, mud, pollen and anything else your skin comes into contact with.

Remember that you don’t want to remove too much of your skin’s own moisturizing factors.

You don’t want to irritate, agitate and disturb your skin’s barrier. This will often lead to dehydration, dryness, sensitivity, and aging. Foaming cleansers take your skin’s PH from healthy to alkaline.  It causes dryness and irritation and strips the proteins and make your skin barrier less effective. It will leave your skin sensitive and you may even tend to see redness. It soaks away your skin’s own natural moisturizing factors and can even leave your skin looking dull.

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If you tend to have oily skin this may seem like a tempting thing to do.

Your skin is both water and oil based. It is also exclusively oil based in its top few layers. Your skin’s oily top layers keep water locked in to protect it and to help prevent your skin from absorbing harmful things.


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Using a foaming cleanser if removes the skins oily top layer.

Studies show that oily typed skin replenishes themselves within a few hours. Oil is made inside your skin’s pores and taking away amounts of oil from your skin’s surface, only activates your pores to produce more oil. It is just a temporary fix.

Do not use foam cleanser. Avoid them at all costs. It will leave your skin in a whirlwind of side effects very quickly.

We worked extremely hard here at MintPear to formulate all of our products without the use of sulfates! Yes, MintPear skincare is completely free from sulfates! That is why our products don’t foam and another reason our products are #life. We love your skin too!

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