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You frequently see the word fragrance on labels and you probably haven’t thought much about it. Do you know that synthetic fragrances can cause serious long-term medical problems? We actively encourage our community to be aware of the ingredients in their beauty products, but we understand how overwhelming this can be. Let us take a minute and break down an important topic today.

Here are some reasons why you should avoid using products with the term fragrance on the label (and we mean RIGHT NOW).

Some medical conditions that can be caused or aggravated by fragrances are:

  • Allergies – sneezing, and coughing.
  • Asthma – It can contribute to lung tissue irritation and inflammation resulting in the development of breathing disorders in children.
  • Depression – If you are highly sensitive to smells it can affect your brain chemistry and may cause panic attacks.
  • Migraines – have you ever noticed when people walk by you and you are engulfed in their cologne. That may be a trigger to your headache later on.
  • Dermatitis – dry patches on your skin, redness or inflammation of your skin. This can be caused by spraying perfume on your skin, using lotions, and makeups.
  • Upper respiratory – irritation and inflammation.

The word Fragrance has over 4,000 different meanings.

With so many definitions it makes it tricky to know what the manufacturer has really put into the product. It’s a catch-all term for many toxic chemicals which allows the manufacturer to not disclose what is in their product’s “fragrance”.

Fragrances containing toxic chemicals are used in used in so many products that we use every single day.

Makeup, home cleaning products, soaps, candles, air freshener, laundry soap, shampoo, sunscreen, all commonly contain fragrances. The list goes on and on. Often, the manufacturer doesn’t know exactly how the toxic chemical will react in humans because the testing is done on animals.

Read your labels and be more aware of these harmful toxic chemicals.

They are impactful to your health. It is hard because most are products that we love because of the way they smell. You also want to beware when you see a label that says “fragrance-free.”  This may actually mean scent-free, or in other words, the manufacturer has put other chemicals in the product to cover up the smell.

If you want to ensure you are fragrance- free, use essential oils for the aromas that you love. There are a variety of oils that you can also apply for perfumes.

So, next time you see the word fragrance remember there are often many harmful chemicals that are in the product to create that invigorating scent. The safest choice is to stick to the natural scents, essential oils, and herbs.

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We love you, and encourage you to share this article with anyone you care about! The reasons stated above is one of the reasons why the team at MintPear is committed to never adding artificial fragrances to any of our products.

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