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How many times have you felt too lazy to wash off your makeup before going to bed? If you often choose not to go through this nighttime ritual, you should know that leaving your makeup on overnight and not washing your face at night can bring more harm than you can imagine.

Why is cleansing so important?

Cleansing your face removes makeup, oil, dirt and other debris, residue, pollutants, sweat, and dead skin cells.

Without cleansing, it’s the buildup on the skin that can lead to texture issues, and poor luminosity. It prevents your skin from being able to renew itself overnight. Your skin will age more quickly, and premature wrinkles will appear sooner than you can imagine.


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The buildup can potentially clog pores resulting in dry, irritated skin, and acne. Acne is not just for teenagers. It can make a comeback if you don’t wash your face. Clogged pores usually lead to pimples and inflammation.

Have you noticed dark spots on your face? Or noticed it on other people? It’s not always easy to cover up even with the best products. It’s not often from sun exposure and the aging process. This can be a consequence of not washing your face each night. Keeping makeup on all night can actually cause some pigmentation disorders.

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The benefits of washing each night

Your face has a high nocturnal blood flow while you rest. It’s at night that the skin rests and repairs itself. This is when absorption is at its peak and your skin cells spend energy regenerating. Your skin needs oxygen to repair itself, it’s never ever a good idea to go to bed with a dirty face. It’s so important that your nightly face wash happens.


Proper steps for face washing

Wash your face twice daily. We recommend using our clarifying daily facial cleanser with hyaluronic activated charcoal. This will work well with all skin types.

Set your face wash somewhere close so you will always see it as a reminder to wash your face. Take the few minutes it takes to wash your face. It will pay off in the long run and you will be thankful you did. Come read the Only Way to Wash your Face.


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