What Is A Face Serum & How To Use Them?

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With SO many different skin care trends and products available in the Beauty Industry these days, it’s no wonder it can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever been curious about face serum and what it is, and if YOU should be using one, this blog post is for you.

As I’m comparing my side of the bathroom countertop to my husband’s side, I cannot help but to be envious of the lack of products it takes for him to complete his routine. Totally not fair, I have to spend more time/more effort and more $$$. But then I remind myself:

Well, would I rather have soft, glowing and luxurious skin FOREVER😉 I’m quickly reminded, why my routine takes a few more products to achieve my skin goals. Serum being a MAJOR necessity in my AM and PM routines. Let me tell you why:

What is a face Serum?

By definition: Serums are super concentrated moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. It’s kind of like the orange concentrate in the can, before you add all the water (which would be like the ‘spreading’ ingredients you find in say, your lotions or moisturizers).

The great part about serums:

This is an easy step to add to your routine and the benefits are literally LIFE CHANGING. We are talking about, a deep treatment to help with acne, scarring, wrinkles, and even sun damage (sun spots). Learn more with our benefits of vitamin C serum guide.

When to use it:

It’s best to apply your serums within 30 seconds of cleansing your face, right after you’ve used your toner. After you’ve allowed a few moments for the serum to soak in, follow with a moisturizer. Serums DO NOT REPLACE MOISTURIZER.

How much to use:

Typically, the best measurement for a serum is a pea-sized amount, which should be enough to cover your trouble area.

Who should use face serums:

Anyone wanting to improve their skin’s texture, reduce wrinkles, reduce acne/breakouts, and get that sought-after glow!  Including a serum in your daily skincare routine, is going to help you get to your skin goal a lot quicker than without one. Think of it as a turbo-boost to your routine, especially when the serum has been clinically proven to do the job it’s claiming. Read what happened with I used MintPears C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum article.

Below you’ll find a list to help you decide which one is best for you to start using.

I hope you find this article helpful. Feel free to message me if you have any additional questions. support@mintpear.com

Acne/Post Acne Marks: C Your Youth (Vitamin C) Serum
Wrinkles/Aging Skin/Fine Lines: Collagen Serum
Dull Dry Skin: Rosehip Night Serum
Large Pores: C Your Youth Serum
Sun Damage/ Dark Spots: C Your Youth Serum

***Want to add a boost to your current moisturizer?***

Try adding a few drops of the Rosehip Oil daily to your normal amount of moisturizer.




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