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Welcome to MintPear. Thank you for supporting a Cruelty-Free Beauty Company. Click here to learn more about our products and how they may improve your skin.

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What is MintPear?
Co-Founded by Master Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist, Rita Almusa, a Cruelty-Free Beauty Company suitable for Vegans.
We offer a wide selection of cruelty-free applicators, makeup brushes as well as skincare free of fragrance, sulfates, parabens, and detergents. Free weekly personal advice from real professionals. Tips and tricks that you won’t find anywhere else! Join the community below for free newsletters packed full of Insider Secrets! Kind is beautiful. Thank you for helping us make the world a more loving place, supporting and creating awareness with our cruelty-free brand, a Leaping Bunny Certified Company.
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More about MintPear’s Story:

MintPear was founded by husband and wife, Feras and Rita Almusa. Rita is a Master Esthetician, MUA and Microblading Artist. Her passion for beauty and skincare started at a very young age. Born into a household with three sisters. Her mother was a makeup artist as well. Rita suffered from severe acne during her young adolescent years, which ignited her passion and determination to study the skin and thoroughly analyze ingredients.

In 2015 Rita and her husband had their first son. At the time they were both working in the corporate world. Working 60+ hours/week for companies they were receiving no emotional fulfillment from. When their son was born, they were living in Seattle, away from family. Rita took the 6 weeks allotted by my maternity leave, and when that time had passed, she couldn’t accept sending their 6-week-old son to a daycare for 12-14hours/day.

It was then, Rita had a true moment of clarity, listening to her motherly intuition and a bigger voice inside of her saying: “You have a bigger purpose than what you are settling for”. Rita knew right then and there, she needed to go back to her passion, educating others and providing honest skincare solutions to those in need.

Why the name MintPear:

The color ‘Mint’ represents a soothing yet invigorating energy. Reminding you that life should be filled with peace, adventure, and excitement. The ‘Pear’ represents accepting and loving yourself and your voluptuous curves as a strong and powerful woman.

MintPear’s Mission:

MintPear’s initiative is to create awareness and a movement behind being conscientious about what ingredients are in your products. Knowing there are alternative solutions to harsh chemicals and antibiotics. MintPear has created a cruelty-free skincare line, including all natural and organic ingredients, free of sulfates, parabens, fragrance, harsh chemicals and it’s also suitable for vegans.

MintPear skincare products are manufactured and fulfilled here in the USA. Highly concentrated products made from premium quality ingredients without compromising the efficacy.

MintPear wanted to create beautiful kind products you feel wonderful about using because you know they aren’t doing any harm internally. The skin is our biggest organ and we are applying products on our skin daily, consuming these products. When we use harsh chemicals and we don’t realize what’s happening internally, that is where the problem lies, and it’s MintPear’s goal to educate and provide solutions at an affordable price. You do have a choice.

Giving Back:

MintPear will take a portion of their earnings to support those in need. Currently investigating the best donation foundation for underprivileged children, because no one gets to decide “where” they are born, therefore, we are ALL equal and obliged to spread kindness and love where we are able.


The Blog:

Rita quickly realized there is a large community seeking honest advice regarding, beauty, fitness, health, weight-loss, motherhood, mom entrepreneurial topics. Rita began creating a loyal following with her Youtube Makeup Tutorials and Skincare advice. These videos are available on MintPear’s Blog, a very interactive blog, where she covers real questions and concerns from the MintPear community.

MintPear has gained a strong following of supporters due to high-quality products, word-of-mouth, and verified honest reviews. When something is wonderful enough for you to talk about, word gets out. MintPear thanks you for being a part of the MintPear family and for supporting a cruelty-free beauty company.
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