The ONLY Way to Wash Your Face, That’s Right, 1 Way!

Only way to wash your face
The ONLY Way to Wash Your Face, That's Right, 1 Way!

Do you know the only way to wash your face? With all the gimmicks coming from the beauty industry, it is easy to get drawn into the hype and think you need to purchase the latest and greatest product to achieve great skin. But are you missing out on cleaner skin? Let’s break down the only way to wash your face.

3 Popular Ways to Cleanse Your Face

There are many marketed ways to wash your face, including facial cleansing towelettes, cleansing devices, and traditional cleansers and water. We asked Master Esthetician and MintPear’s Skincare Expert to give us her professional opinion on what she recommends. Read on to see which one she considers the ONLY way to wash your face.

Facial Cleansing Towelettes

The idea and execution of facial cleansing clothes appeal to many people because they are fast, relatively inexpensive, and there is no mess. They are sufficient at removing make-up, but do they clean pores? Rita shared the following thoughts on facial cleansing towelettes, “I do not like towelettes. I don’t recommend anyone using them. I don’t feel like there are any on the market that has the right ingredients. In addition, the towelettes do not hinder bacteria growth which does not cleanse your skin.”

Since having kids, this has been my go-to for cleaning my face, but after talking with Rita, I ditched the towelettes, and my skin couldn’t be happier. I have seen a massive difference in only a few short weeks in how my skin feels and the number of breakouts I was experiencing, especially in my T-zone.

Cleansing Devices

There are numerous devices available that claim to make your skin the cleanest it can be. The question, though, is if they work and are they actually necessary. Many cleansing devices include rotating brushes or vibrating heads. Unfortunately, many are too abrasive for the skin and cause skin irritation, damage, and premature aging. Cleansing devices can also cost hundreds of dollars, depending on which version you select.

Yes, exfoliation is excellent for the skin, but often these devices can cause more harm than good. We had Rita weigh in on cleansing devices, and she gave the following thoughts, “I feel like they are unnecessary and too abrasive. It would be best to think about the skin like a ripe tomato when washing your face. You do not want to pull too much on the skin or over-exfoliate. Use chemical exfoliators instead of physical exfoliators. Try something like MintPears’ Pumpkin Exfoliating mask.”

The Only Way to Wash Your Face

If you want to protect your skin while deep cleaning pores for maximum cleanliness, then using a cleanser and water is the ONLY way to wash your face. “Washing off your cleanser with lukewarm water and your hands is the absolute best way to cleanse your skin. Some people try to add a washcloth to the mix when removing the cleanser, but this can be too abrasive similar to using a cleansing device,” Rita commented. In addition, clean hands can gently remove dirt and dead skin cells during the rinsing process. Not to mention that this method is also more affordable than any device and more effective than a towelette.

How Often Should You Clean Your Face?

Ideally, washing your face in the morning and before bedtime should happen every day. Following any sweat sessions, your face should be cleaned immediately after as well. Many people find it challenging to find the time to wash their face two times per day. If you have to pick only one, opt for before bed.

What Should You Wash Your Face With?

People mistakenly interchange facewash and cleanser when discussing cleansing products. However, the two products are very different. Facewash interacts more like a bar of soap when combined with water. The foamy consistency is great for cleaning pores; however, certain skin types such as those that suffer from chronic dry skin might feel that it makes their skin even drier. Cleanser can be great for all skin types since it focuses on cleansing the skin and hydrating it. Try MintPear’s Clarifying Daily Facial Cleanser with Hyaluronic Acid and Activated Charcoal. We recommend that you never use a foaming cleanser. Read our foaming cleanser article to find out why.

Steps for the Only Way to Wash Your Face

Washing your face does not need to be overly complicated. Only four components are included in the only way to wash your face that is necessary to leave your skin clean and ready for the remainder of your beauty routine.

Step 1: First, clean hands are vital for having a clean face. I am sure you are wondering, “why do I need to have clean hands before putting cleanser on them?” The answer is that bacteria is still there until you wash the cleanser off your hands, which means it can transfer to your face.

Step 2: Next, you will need to select a lukewarm water temperature before wetting your face. Lukewarm is the ideal temperature because it does not strip your skin of vital oils and keeps pores open to remove any dirt.

Step 3: Then, it comes down to selecting the right cleanser. Yes, I said cleanser instead of facewash for the only way to wash your face. Although facewash cleans the skin as well, it acts more like soap. A cleanser, instead of just focusing on cleaning the skin, also hydrates it as well. Not sure how to select the right cleanser? Learn which cleanser is right for you.

Step 4: Finally, after you have used washed the cleanser off, gently pat dry with a soft towel.

That’s it! Now you know the secret to the only way to wash your face.


Why is Cleanser Better Than Water?

The only way to wash your face does include a cleanser and lukewarm water. Although using just water will remove some dirt from your skin’s surface, a cleanser will better penetrate pores and provide a superior clean.

Is Cleanser the Most Important?

Since a cleanser should be the first step in any beauty routine, it is the most important since it cleans pores and readies the skin for serums and creams.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes simplicity is essential, and that is why washing your face with a cleanser and water is the only way to wash your face. Cleanser and water not only provide surprisingly clean pores but provide better results for less. Happy Cleansing!

MintPear Beauty Specialist
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