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Learn how to give yourself a daily facial at home every morning with this AM Skincare Routine, created by Skin Expert and Master Esthetician, Rita Almusa. A step-by-step tutorial on how to get the most beautiful skin of your life. Easy to follow for beginners. GET BEAUTIFUL GLOWING SKIN w/ this AM Daily Skin Care Routine. List of the products used below. Which is your favorite step, leave me a comment below. Follow my blog at | Thanks for watching and please SUBSCRIBE ! I’m Rita Almusa, Master Esthetician,

Facial Serums are like a Magic Potion cherished dearly by all Estheticians. In fact, I doubt you’ll find one Esthetician (with glowing skin) that doesn’t use a Facial Serum daily. Let me explain the benefits, and why you need to start using Facial Serums in your daily skincare routine (like Yesterday). How to get beautiful glowing skin. Learn why Facial Serums important and why you need to start using them now. By adding a few serums to your daily routine, you can really change the health of your skin. I

Here is my night time skin care routine and below you’ll find the list all of the products used in this video. I’m using some of my absolute favorite products every night to help prepare my skin for the best night’s sleep. Doing this nightly, has really helped improve my skin and also prevent premature aging ( or aka aging lol). Following a night time skin care routine will help to improve your skin, but also feels wonderful making a little time for your own TLC each night. I hope