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  Summer is here! But so is that hot, sticky weather. Heat and humidity, increased sweating, and extended exposure to chlorine and harmful UV rays are all causes of summer skin troubles. Don’t let summer get the best of your skin. Change up your routine to help combat the new challenges facing your skin. Warm weather brings a whole slew of skin-care challenges and questions like, “Do I really have to moisturize even if it’s 100 degrees out and my face feels oily?” (Spoiler alert: Yes.) Now let’s talk about

Most of us have a certain skincare routine that we do every day. Although you are consistent with your routine, you may still be seeing some trouble with acne, dry skin, oily skin, etc and you may not be sure why. Your skincare routine might not even be the culprit for your complexion troubles, you may be guilty of some of these 10 common skincare mistakes. NOT CLEANING YOUR PHONE –  Now I know it’s gross, but we are all guilty of it, the bathroom phone scroll… don’t tell me

Are you struggling with oily skin… even year-round? I used to think that if I washed my face using the best face wash for oily skin, and essentially “dried” my skin out, that I wouldn’t have oily skin. I was very wrong. Did you know that with this skin type, it is extremely important to keep your skin well moisturized? If you’re as confused as I was when I heard this, keep reading… I have more fun facts for your skin type    First, let’s talk about why your skin

I’m going to show you the best products for an EXTREMELY MATTE, SWEAT PROOF, OIL PROOF, FULL COVERAGE MAKEUP ROUTINE that are perfect for looking flawless all day even on hot, humid summer days! I use these tricks to protect my face from the sun during the summer or on vacation and perfect for beach day or pool day makeup. Enjoy, and remember: Wear sunscreen! I’m Rita Almusa, Master Esthetician, Skin Expert, Makeup Artist and Co-Founder​ of It’s my passion to help you get the best skin of your

Have you noticed a change in your skin this Winter? It is easy to forget how harsh the cold is on your skin. So naturally, you want to protect it and fight against anti-aging. Unfortunately, the combination of windy, cold, dry weather outside and humidity-depleting heaters indoors work to drain our skin of moisture during the winter months. The lack of hydration can cause your skin to produce more wrinkles and dry out. Here are my best dry winter skin solutions to help your skin feel its best even when

Have you often wondered if a foaming cleanser is good for your skin? Has it made your skin feel squeaky clean? If you tend to have oily based skin this can definitely give your oily skin a break, but is it actually good for your skin? Some things to think about. Should you be stripping oil from your skin? Is squeaky clean a good thing? Does a foam cleanser actually mean your skin is cleaner? The answer is: No. We highly recommend you avoid using a foam cleanser on your skin. Here’s

You frequently see the word fragrance on labels and you probably haven’t thought much about it. Do you know that synthetic fragrances can cause serious long-term medical problems? We actively encourage our community to be aware of the ingredients in their beauty products, but we understand how overwhelming this can be. Let us take a minute and break down an important topic today. Here are some reasons why you should avoid using products with the term fragrance on the label (and we mean RIGHT NOW). Some medical conditions that can

Learn why you should be using Vitamin C Serum especially in the Fall and Winter months. Did you know that you should be using Vitamin C serum in your daily skincare routine? I’ll walk you through the proper steps you need to take to achieve younger, healthier skin during the colder months. 1 – Spending Less Time in the Sun Vitamin C Serum protects your skin from Sun Damage – it has anti-aging benefits that help reverse your skin from the UVA rays. Vitamin C is antioxidant that naturally helps to

OMG, it’s true, Summer is drawing to a close. Is your skin ready for the dramatic transition? Let’s talk about preparing your skin for the fall! Your skin has become accustomed to the warm, sunny weather of summer, and like any sudden change, new seasons can often bring new challenges to your skin. By taking the correct steps and product’s, you can easily transition from Summer to Fall. 5 Easy Steps to Make Your Transition Simple. Tip #1. Use the Appropriate Cleanser Summer is hot, humid and often SWEATY. You may have

11 skincare ingredients to avoid during pregnancy: With thousands of ingredients being used in skincare products, some of which being a serious “no-no” when it comes to use during pregnancy, you can never be too careful. Here is our list of ingredients to avoid during pregnancy. We wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy. Tetracycline – Commonly prescribed by a Dermatologists for the treatment of acne. It’s an antibiotic that helps by stopping the growth of bacteria. Parabens – Also known as synthetic preservatives. These have been known to mimic

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