Rita’s Personal Daily Skin Care Routine

Have you ever wondered

how Skin Expert and Co Founder Rita, incorporates all the MintPear skincare products to achieve that sought-after-infamous “MintPear Glow” everyone is buzzing about? Your wish is our command, after countless emails and inquires, it’s finally here in full detail!

This routine will help you

combat adult acne, wrinkles, stressed skin, large pores, acne scaring, dull skin, sun spots and get your skin looking younger and healthier than it ever has before, trust us! The real customer reviews don’t lie!

Here is Rita’s Personal Routine and recommendations for using the MintPear Skincare Products. 

Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating Masque (2-3xweek) I apply in the shower and leave on for 5 min not scrubbing too hard, it’s active so it will do the trick.
•Toner of choice*.
•Apply Collagen Serum within minutes of exiting the shower. This is a wonderful foundation primer too.
Under Eye Nourishing Creme, apply with small ring finger with a gentle touch.
• Pat on the Vitamin Rich Daily Moisturizer on top of the Collagen Serum once it’s had a couple minutes to soak into the skin.
•Cleanse with Clarifying Daily Cleanser (I use about 5 pumps, and repeat the process twice to get all the makeup off).
•Toner of choice*.
Under Eye Nourishing Creme, apply with small ring finger with a gentle touch.
Rosehip Night Serum, apply a few drops to your finger tips and pat on top of the previous serum.
***Toner*** We are about to release our very own Toner Collection by MintPear to the skin care line, however, for the time being, we all love to use the organic 100% witch hazel from the market. Using witch hazel will return skin to the proper pH and shrink pore size and help to eliminate any residual makeup or bacteria without over drying. Here’s one we love available on amazon: 
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