Preparing Your Skin For Fall – Do’s and Don’ts

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OMG, it’s true, Summer is drawing to a close. Is your skin ready for the dramatic transition? Let’s talk about preparing your skin for the fall!

Your skin has become accustomed to the warm, sunny weather of summer, and like any sudden change, new seasons can often bring new challenges to your skin.

By taking the correct steps and product’s, you can easily transition from Summer to Fall.

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Transition Simple.

Tip #1. Use the Appropriate Cleanser

Summer is hot, humid and often SWEATY. You may have been using a super aggressive cleanser during those hot summer days to help with your pores from all the gunk that comes along with Summer. Chlorine, sunscreen, sea salt, and sweat. You will want to try a more gentle cleanser, such as MintPear’s: Clarifying Daily Cleanser which is sulfate and paraben free – and will not strip your skin as part of your fall care.

Tip #2. Keep Exfoliating

Your skin tends to get drier in the fall and is more susceptible to get damaged. Keep exfoliating, but remember to take it easy when you do. MintPear’s Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating Masque. After all, the dryness of summer will cause dead skin cells to accumulate quickly. Twice a week using a gentle exfoliant and apply a serum and moisturizer.

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Tip #3. Protect Your Skin

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen UV rays are still present during all of the seasons. Planning to spend time outside, apply sunscreen every two hours to prevent any skin damage.

Tip #4. Eating Right

Healthy skin starts within and eating right and getting the proper
nutrition will be such a benefit. Stick with whole foods that are rich in fatty acids. For example, fish such as salmon is good for this. Also, antioxidants are vital as well. Try eating fresh fruits and fresh veggies.

Tip #5. Use a Serum Under Your Moisturizer

With the hot summer months, you may have used lightweight moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out. Cold weather means drier air, so you will need to switch to a moisturizer that is a bit heavier and creamier to keep your skin moisturized. Try using a product that has a serum beneath a medium weight moisturizer. The serum will give you the added benefits you need instead of using a thicker moisturizer.

After all your hard work keeping your skin beautiful in those hot days of summer, don’t let it go to waste this fall.

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