How to apply mascara like a pro! Here are the best techniques to make your own lashes look longer, thicker and full! I’ll walk you thru my daily routine step by step. I’ll teach you how to make your own natural lashes look amazing, so you don’t have to worry about wearing false lashes. If you take care of your lashes, you don’t have to pay for expensive extensions. I’ll also link all the products used below for you:   PRODUCTS USED: EYELASH CURLER EYELASH PRIMER CILS BOOSTER XL LANCOME

In this video I’m unboxing the Diamond & Blush Palette by Natasha Denona. I’m showing you how I’m using it for the first time ever! Will I love it, will I hate it? Let me know what you think below in the comments. I was not paid or sponsored to make this video. If you’d like to grab your own here is the link: Natasha Denona Palette in color: Darya (light to medium skin tones) Natasha Denona Palette in color: Citrus (medium/warm skin tones)  MintPear Beauty Blending Sponge MintPear Blush

Here is my night time skin care routine and below you’ll find the list all of the products used in this video. I’m using some of my absolute favorite products every night to help prepare my skin for the best night’s sleep. Doing this nightly, has really helped improve my skin and also prevent premature aging ( or aka aging lol). Following a night time skin care routine will help to improve your skin, but also feels wonderful making a little time for your own TLC each night. I hope

  OMG, it’s true, Summer is drawing to a close. Is your skin ready for the dramatic transition? Your skin has become accustomed to the warm, sunny weather of summer, and like any sudden change, new seasons can often bring new challenges to your skin. By taking the correct steps and product’s, you can easily transition from Summer to Fall. 5 Easy Steps to Make Your Transition Simple. Tip #1. Use the Appropriate Cleanser Summer is hot, humid and often SWEATY. You may have been using a super aggressive cleanser during those hot

In this video, I’m sharing my TOP SECRETS for behind the scenes beauty practices. Keeping my skin smooth, flawless and ready for a beautiful makeup application.  Wake-up-perfect eyebrows, and the healthiest way to whiten your teeth naturally without all of those chemicals. Hi I’m Rita Almusa, Master Esthetician, Skin Expert, Makeup Artist and Co Founder of I know what you are thinking: I’ve never seen Rita look better than with dark green contouring and black teeth, am I right!? It’s my passion to help you get the best skin

As we continue to focus on how we can improve the health of our skin by reducing signs of aging such as sunspots and fine lines, I also want to bring light to a subject that is equally important to pay attention to, and that is our makeup habits. It is easy to get into a daily routine over time. Especially when it comes to the daily grind. Including our get-ready-routine. I’m covering some of these Makeup Habits below that might actually be doing you a disservice by aging you.

With SO many different skin care trends and products available in the Beauty Industry these days, it’s no wonder it can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever been curious about Serums and what they are, and if YOU should be using one, this blog post is for you. As I’m comparing my side of the bathroom countertop to my husband’s side, I cannot help but to be envious of the lack of products it takes for him to complete his routine. Totally not fair, I have to spend more time/more effort and

As many of you know, I’ve recently become a mommy this past year and I’ve been happy to share my experiences thus far. I was fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to nurse, and I would never change it for the world. Aside from the immeasurable benefits for our babies development, and the well discussed benefits for the mommy, such as assisting with dropping the post baby weight and shrinking the uterus back to it’s pre-baby size, there were some surprises. A few of you mommies out there may

What is causing those unwanted pimples: Breakouts are most commonly thought to be something you deal with in your early teenage years up into your early twenties, but what most people don’t realize is that they are not alone in the struggle that continues on into their 30’s, 40’s and up. This article will help you breakdown acne by age group to help you get a better understanding around why you are breaking out and how you can fix it. Acne as a teenager: The cause: Although there is no

11 skincare ingredients to avoid during pregnancy: With thousands of ingredients being used in skincare products, some of which being a serious “no-no” when it comes to use during pregnancy, you can never be too careful. Here is our list of ingredients to avoid during pregnancy. We wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy. Tetracycline – Commonly prescribed by a Dermatologists for the treatment of acne. It’s an antibiotic that helps by stopping the growth of bacteria. Parabens – Also known as synthetic preservatives. These have been known to mimic

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