Is Your Skin STRESSED Out?

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Simply put, stressed skin is an outward symptom of internal stress. Right now especially there are a lot of stressful factors going on in the world that are completely out of our control but can lead to STRESSED out, tired skin. One of the worst parts of it, besides feeling scatterbrained going through your to-do list and feeling like you’ll never catch up? Stress shows up on your skin. (Ugh.)

Dryness, too much oil, redness, and fine lines – they’re all attributed to stress. According to an article from Women’s Health, studies show that there’s a strong link between increased cortisol levels and inflammatory conditions like psoriasis and rosacea, and burning the candle at both ends could also leave your skin looking visibly lackluster.

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Is Your Skin STRESSED Out?

I know it’s easier said than done, but try to recognize the stressors in your life and modify your reactions to them. Relaxation techniques and breathing training can help you cope better with life stresses and reduce their effects on your skin. If your skin is showing how you’re feeling inside, and not in a good way, it may be time for some much needed R&R. Here are a few tips to relax your skin while you’re under pressure:

  1. Treat Yourself to a DIY Spa Night – 

A relaxing night in focused on YOU is so important when your skin has come under attack by stress and worry. Apply your favorite skincare mask – kick up your feet and watch your favorite movie, or take a bubble bath. Focus on your breathing and try to relax your mind and just let the stress of the day float away. Tell yourself to not think of what is stressing you, and think of things that you’re grateful for and make you happy. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to take time for yourself, and this is your reminder! Do it!

  1. Don’t Neglect Your Health – 

Through regular exfoliation, proper cleansing, and nourishing products are important to proper skincare, foods that encourage healthy skin cell renewal also play a key part in the condition of the skin. When we’re stressed and overwhelmed, we stop exercising and reach for processed and prepared food. Big mistake. Both physical activities and healthy foods are essential to keep skin in top shape. And don’t forget to get your eight hours of sleep. Listening to relaxing music or meditating before bed helps to release the stress that has built up in your body, lulling you to sleep.

  1. Do Things That Make You Happy –

When I am feeling overwhelmed with life, focusing on something that makes me happy is great stress relief. Happiness also promotes endorphin release, so laugh, dance, sing, take part in community activities, garden, create art, or participate in other happy hobbies to decrease your stress levels. Even just a simple phone call with a friend or family member can improve my mood and make me feel much more positive and better about my day!

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Is Your Skin STRESSED Out?

While de-stressing is a very important step to clear skin, it can also be a great opportunity to re-evaluate your skincare routine. Are you using the right skincare products for your skin type? Are you washing your face both day and night following with serums and moisturizers? Are you using quality skincare products?

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Is Your Skin STRESSED Out?

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