Is Organic Skincare REALLY Necessary?!


Organic skincare products are everywhere, and while you may know that organic is “better” than other options, you may not know the “why” behind it – especially when it comes to skincare. Don’t stress for even one more second, we are here to give you the WHY and the HOW behind switching to an organic skincare routine – all you need to do is sit back, relax, and keep reading! 

There are many different reasons someone may choose to switch to an organic diet; no toxic ingredients, along with no nasty chemicals ruining the soil and natural ecosystems, among many other amazing benefits for your health. As easy as it is to admit that an organic diet is beneficial for your health – why is it not as common to automatically apply the same thinking to our skincare products? Is organic skincare really better?!

Here is a scary fact – did you know that applying synthetic ingredients in skincare products to your skin actually contributes to aging?! Even if the products you are using claim to contain anti-aging qualities, the damage that the chemicals and preservatives will do to your skin will ultimately outweigh any of the good they might do in the short term.

Now before you scream and panic and shut your computer and turn back to your Netflix binge because you’ve been using products like these your whole life, we are here to tell you it is NEVER too late to make the switch to natural and organic products. 

Now let’s talk about the importance of organic skincare ingredients. First, key ingredients found in MintPear skincare like antioxidants, flavonoids, different acids, etc. found in botanicals like flowers, fruit, and vegetables offer both protective and restorative qualities for your skin. Other organic ingredients benefit from MintPear’s best skincare products will protect you from UV damage, help plump and freshen the skin as well as help with reducing the looks of fine lines and wrinkles– and all these ingredients are completely natural, no chemicals or preservatives needed.

Now if you’re thinking, “Ya I understand that switching to organic skincare is a great idea, but there is no way I can afford to.” – I am happy to tell you that you are wrong! Affordable natural skincare is not a myth! This type of natural product doesn’t have to be expensive. It is true that they are generally made in smaller batches, shorter runs, and have a shorter shelf life, but the price doesn’t have to be outrageous. MintPear Beauty offers an array of products for all skin types at an affordable price. We will even help you find your skin type with our quick skin type quiz, and will match you with a customized skincare routine that will give you all the organic skincare essentials to get you started on your journey! 

We can’t stress the importance of natural ingredients in skincare products enough, which is why we promise to be there for you every step of the way. We look forward to the day when certified organic skincare is just skincare again and we do away with chemicals and preservatives in these products altogether. 


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