How to Treat Sudden Breakouts

Have you had a breakout come out of nowhere and you are wondering what to do to help it? But more importantly how to prevent it. It can be embarrassing, difficult to conceal, and even painful. Often times it can be from hormonal imbalances, stress level, traveling, and even some type of medications can cause it. Thankfully, they are often temporary. We have a few steps for you to take to help sudden breakouts disappear rather quickly.

Don’t squeeze the zit, you often think it will help and speed up the process when in fact it can make them worse. Use oil-free medicated products to clear up zits. Keep your skin clean morning and night and you will be on your way to better skin in no time.

Step 1- When you first wake up in the morning wash your face with an oil-free cleanser that contains Salicylic acid – it will help get rid of your current blemishes and keep more from popping up. It will help to free your skin of the dead skin cells that can clog pores. Rub in a circular motion all over your face, wash off and wipe gently with a towel.

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Step 2- Apply some benzoyl peroxide all over your face, and add extra to the acne spots and allow this to dry out those specific spots.

Step 3- Next, add an oil-free moisturizer to your skin. You can get some that has SPF that will not clog your pores. Sometimes acne products can make your skin dry out and even make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Step 4 – Wash your face with the salicylic acid before bedtime – apply the lotion that has 10% glycolic acid to prevent future breakouts and to stop the dead skin cells. Place a dab on top of the blemishes you have and while you sleep to let it work its magic.

Step 5 – you can also use some face mask twice a week – you can use an acid mask, or a sulfur mask, to help keep your pores clean and give your skin great exfoliation treatment.

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Try these out and you should see huge improvements in your skin.

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