How LED Light Therapy Can Help Your Skin! Clear Acne, Reduce Wrinkles and Sun Spots, Get Glowy Skin!

LED LIGHT Therapy Mask Infra-Red Light Therapy

Learn how LED light therapy has been known to clear acne, reduce the size of my pores, take away old spots and scars, and give your skin the glass skin GLOW!

I have been using LED Light Therapy on my face at home, since I found this one. I honestly saw change, improvements, and results within the first few times of using the light, and definitely people noticed within a month. This mask is FDA cleared, and Rita approved!

There are a lot of LED options in the world, so make sure you do your research before diving in. I have linked a few options below for your convenience.

I made this video based on my professional experience as a Master Esthetician, and based off of the real results I have seen with clients over the years. I take education seriously, so I wanted to make sure I gave you all the information and tips that I know. I hope you can learn and take from it what you need, and I hope it answers ALL the questions you may have.

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I’m Rita Almusa, Master Esthetician, Skin Expert, Makeup Artist and Co-Founder​ of It’s my passion to help you get the best skin of your life while using the best products for your health.

•LED Light Mask I used in this video:
•Spectralite Faceware Pro by Dr Dennis Gross LED Light Mask:
•OPERA LEBODY LED Home Therapy Mask for Face and Neck | Near-infrared & Red Lights | Professional Skin Care:

Skin Care Used:

Clarifying Daily Cleanser (With Activated Charcoal) by MintPear:
FRESH Toner (Cucumber and Witch Hazel) by MintPear:
C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum by MintPear:
Rosehip Night Serum by MintPear:
Under Eye Nourishing Creme by MintPear:

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  1. Hi Rita, Its very interesting to see how LED lights therapy helps in skin care treatment. Thank for sharing the video and the post.

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