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Welcome to my channel, I’m swatching and sharing all my favorite lipsticks, lip liner, and lip gloss. Thank you for the request for this video! All Products Linked Below! Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! Don’t forget to check out my blog. 💖💕 Watch in HD Thank you for LIKING and COMMENTING on this video & SHARING it with your friends! It really means a lot. I would love to see your comment below, say Hi and tell me about your favorite lipsticks!

Learn how to cover dark under-eye circles and bags without creasing. This is an easy step-by-step tutorial to show you the best way to conceal the trouble area under the eye and make it look natural. I’ve also included some professional tips and advice to help reduce and remove dark circles naturally. Watch in HD Thank you for subscribing to my channel and my blog here : Thank you for LIKING and COMMENTING on this video & SHARING it with your friends! It really means a lot. I would

Today is the day to get back into those daily workouts after taking a break! Don’t know exactly where to start? Don’t fret; we can walk you through six exercises that you can do to dive back in. Take it a bit easy on yourself as you ease back into it. Treat yourself like a beginner, and before you know it, you will be back in the swing of things. Best Workouts After A Break Bodyweight Exercises Do these each for 3 rounds, resting for 1 minute in between. 20

In this tutorial, we will be breaking down how to clean your makeup brushes easily and quickly. This is my secret to keeping my brushes clean after every use. I hope you enjoy learning my technique. I do recommend washing your brushes at least once a week for sanitation and to avoid skin problems from bacteria. You can also use lukewarm water and a dab of your favorite makeup remover cleanser (or even a high-end shampoo will work too). If you use this technique, be sure that you keep the

Do you prep and prime your skin before putting on makeup? We aren’t just talking about before a big event but before each application. It is so important to prep and prime your skin before applying your makeup. This helps your makeup application to be easier and also helps your makeup to last longer. Some people try to skip this step as they think they do not have the time, but in fact, it can be done rather quickly and is definitely worth it. In this video, you will learn

As many of you know, I’ve recently become a mommy this past year and I’ve been happy to share my experiences thus far. I was fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to nurse, and I would never change it for the world. Aside from the immeasurable benefits for our baby’s development, and the well-discussed benefits for the mommy, such as assisting with dropping the post-baby weight and shrinking the uterus back to its pre-baby size, there were some surprises. For example, my skin while nursing was a surprise. A

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