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Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial with a Perfectly Nude Lip. Learn how to create this everyday wearable and warm smokey eye makeup look. Today I’m using the Tarte Tartiest Pro Eyeshadow Palette with you for the first time. This is a nice smokey eye that you can wear in the Fall and Winter Seasons. This is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to create this gorgeous look. Inspired to do a Warm Neutral Everyday Eyeshadow look for this autumn fall fashion season. I also want to show you my first impression of this

Learn How to Create an Everyday Wearable & Easy Warm Matte Makeup Look. Happy Sweater Weather! Today I’m using the Too Faced Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette and Natasha Denona Blush Palette, to demonstrate how you can use palettes made for Spring and Summer Seasons, and see how to use them in the Fall and Winter Seasons. This is an easy to follow step by step guide to create this gorgeous matte look. Inspired to do a Warm Neutral Everyday Eyeshadow look for this autumn fall fashion season. I also want

REDUCE ACNE SCARS, WRINKLES, LARGE PORES & IMPROVE SKIN’S TEXTURE Follow these at home professional techniques and tips that you can do at home every night. Using this nighttime skin routine will help to improve the appearance of scarring and fine lines and wrinkles to reduce the signs of aging and signs of scarring. You will also improve the appearance of large pores. Leave a comment below if you have any additional questions for me. I’m Rita Almusa, Master Esthetician, Skin Expert, Makeup Artist and Co-Founder of It’s my

You frequently see the word fragrance on labels and you probably haven’t thought much about it. Do you know that synthetic fragrances can cause serious long-term medical problems? We actively encourage our community to be aware of the ingredients in their beauty products, but we understand how overwhelming this can be. Let us take a minute and break down an important topic today. Here are some reasons why you should avoid using products with the term fragrance on the label (and we mean RIGHT NOW). Some medical conditions that can

This video is about how to use a rose quartz roller. Today I am using the facial stone roller with the MintPear Rosehip Night Serum. You will learn why you should use a rose quartz roller in your daily skin care routine, and what the benefits of using a stone facial roller are. Want to learn more about night serums? Visit our Complete Night Serum Guide. Products Used: Rosehip Night Serum Rose Quartz Facial Roller How to use a Rose Quartz Roller : Use daily. Rolling motions in upward/outward direction,

Curling Iron Hair Tutorial – How to Get Big Beach Waves For Short To Medium Length Hair Hi loves, in this video you will learn how I do my everyday hairstyle. This is an easy-to-follow curling iron hair tutorial that shows you how to create Big Sexy Soft Victoria’s Secret Beach Waves. A step-by-step tutorial on how I blow dry my hair with a round brush for smooth soft curls. Thank you for subscribing to my blog and my YouTube Channel, be sure to leave a comment below! Links for

Learn why you should be using Vitamin C Serum especially in the Fall and Winter months. Did you know that you should be using Vitamin C serum in your daily skincare routine? I’ll walk you through the proper steps you need to take to achieve younger, healthier skin during the colder months. 1 – Spending Less Time in the Sun Vitamin C Serum protects your skin from Sun Damage – it has anti-aging benefits that help reverse your skin from the UVA rays. Vitamin C is antioxidant that naturally helps to

How to Set Your Foundation Like a Pro In this video I share my TOP SECRETS for behind the scenes beauty practices that help me to have smooth, flawless skin for makeup application, and setting my foundation and concealer. Why you should set your foundation is a great question and I am excited for you to learn why you should use a setting powder in your daily makeup routines while you are getting ready. It will help your makeup look beautiful and last all day with out running or looking

Quick ways to get rid of a zit, acne or breakout, easy and fast! The last thing you need is additional stress before a big day, date night, or special event. However, stress is probably one of the reasons you are dealing with acne or a pimple day of or day before the event. Stress produces extra hormones responsible for those last minute breakouts. Rest assured, follow these steps below to help clear your skin or reduce the size of the pimple quickly. Step 1: Don’t try to over wash/dry/strip

Autumn is not only great for apple cider and hayrides, but it is also the perfect time to play with warm shades and new makeup colors. Come and learn how to quickly master this Fall Matte Makeup Look. I have designed an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to creating this gorgeous matte look that even beginners can feel comfortable executing. I was inspired to do a Cherry Eyeshadow look for this autumn fall fashion season. I also want to show you how to apply Matte lipstick and Matte Eyeshadow. As always, let

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