Do Your Skincare Products Stop Working After a While?

skincare product effectiveness

I get asked this question, quite frequently, and the answer is no, your products do not stop working after you’ve been using them for a while, whether you are using the MintPear C Your Youth Serum for Acne or Dark Spots, or the MintPear Collagen Serum to reduce fine lines and improve youthfulness. It’s understandable that this could be possible, however, it’s not accurate. It’s not that your products become less effective or stop working, or that your skin has somehow magically built up an immunity to shield itself from the effective ingredients (which is not possible) unless you are talking about a “Retin A”, which in that case, your skin would become less sensitive/red, and I would consider a good thing.


I think the misconception happens when…

it’s harder to see as much “major improvement” once we have gotten your skin to be healthier and happier. It’s very likely to see major improvements from MintPear Skincare within the first couple of weeks, and it’s monumental or very obvious. At that point it’s maintaining and less drastic improvements, but it is still improving. It’s also easy for us to forget just how bad our skin was when we started using a product. We see our skin hundreds of times every day, this is why I always highly recommend taking a “starter” photo without makeup or filters in natural sunlight whenever you are starting a new product, in order to reflect back on. “Started from the bottom, now we’re here”!


Having great skin is all about consistency,

and sticking to a regimen that compliments your skin. It’s very tempting to try out new skincare products often. Trust me, I get it. Especially when we are working on introducing new products to the MintPear skincare line. I’m always switching up my routine to include new products. However, I do recommend that if you intend to add new products into your daily regimen, take it slowly and be sure to add one product at a time, this way you can monitor each product you are adding into your routine, to know if it is effectively getting you to your skin goal, or on the contrary, causing any irritation or reaction.


Long answer short,

if you love any of our serums or products, keep at it! We hear on a daily basis, how the C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum is helping to reduce dark sunspots, or clear acne, and it will keep working no matter how long you use it. Do not fear. On a side note, it is a great idea to add-in something new and mix up your routine, as our skin concerns change as we age, but as they say: “If the shoe ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Looking to learn more? Visit our complete vitamin C serum guide.



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