How to Cover Dark Circles and Stop Under Eye Creasing!

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In this video tutorial, I show you how to cover dark circles and stop under eye creasing! I always receive requests for the best technique to conceal the under-eye area, and I’m really excited to finally share this tutorial with you.


When I had my son, I quickly realized a lack of sleep and exhaustion completely wreaks havoc on your skin. The first area I noticed was under my eyes. I developed these dark, deep circles, and they were near impossible to hide or conceal with any amount of makeup.

Another common mistake is applying too much concealer. I was desperate, I thought the more the merrier, but I was very wrong. It took me a few years to really master the technique and successfully find the best way to cover the dark circles under my eyes (also known as “mama bags”).

As a mother we tell ourselves that we will catch up on the lack of sleep ‘tomorrow’ but we all know, tomorrow never comes and no matter how much caffeine we take in throughout the day, tell-tell signs will always reveal a lack of sleep, especially under the eyes.

Follow these professional tips and say goodbye to tired, aging eyes. This is the best way to cover dark circles and avoid eye creasing makeup throughout the day. I want you to feel confident and prepared to take on the world, being you – this should be one less thing to worry about.

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