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As we continue to age, our skin slows its production of collagen and elastin, which causes our skin to lose the plumpness seen in our youth. Have no fear. We have put a collection of our best tips together to keep your skin looking its best. Check out our anti-aging resource center below to learn MintPear’s Co-Founder and Master Esthetician Rita Almusa‘s secrets for slowing the aging process.

Anti-Aging Article Collection

Benefits of Collagen Serum5 Benefits of Collagen Serum
Learn the benefits of a powerhouse protein called collagen and why it is so important.
PrejuvenationIs Prejuvenation Worth the Hype?
If you haven’t heard the word prejuvenation yet, don’t worry. We will break down what it means and if you should consider it.
Vitamin C SerumThe Benefits of Vitamin C Serum
If you are looking for brighter, more beautiful skin, then incorporating vitamin C serum into your daily skincare routine or into your diet is something you should start doing immediately.
9 Benefits of Vitamin C Serum
Sit back and learn why Vitamin C is a dynamo and should be incorporated immediately into your daily skincare routine.
Is Vitamin C Serum for You?
Did you know Vitamin C is the one ingredient that should be in everyone’s skincare routine, regardless of your age or skin type?
Why MP-7™️ Is The Only Ingredient You’ll Ever Need To Fight Aging Skin
Learn why our MP-7™ is the only anti-aging ingredient you will need.
Turn Back the Clock with These Skincare MUSTS
Make sure the following anti-aging skincare musts are part of your skincare routine ASAP!
Stop the Aging Process and Take Years Off Your Face
Suppose you are wondering how to stop the aging process. Check out a few of my favorite anti-aging tips.
Beautiful SkinTop 4 Causes of Dark Spots & How to Fix Them
Read on to learn what dark spots are, what helps create them, and what you can do to get rid of them.

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