5 Tips for Maintaining Your Glowing Skin During the Holidays

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We all know that the holidays can be fun but also a stressful time of the year. We have put together our best tips for maintaining glowing skin during the holidays. Between holiday food (and yes all the yummy treats too) and busier than normal schedules, maintaining glowing skin can be a challenge. However, sticking to your skincare routine can help ease those holiday-induced skin woes. 

Here are tips to help you maintain your skincare routine during the holidays:

Glowing Skin During the Holidays

Stay Consistent

We know that this year looks much different for most people during the holidays. A time when many people would be traveling is now a time when your plans have probably changed and you may be staying home. But, if you are traveling this year for the holidays, try not to switch up your skincare routine too much.

When packing, opt for travel size bottles to fill your usual products in so you aren’t switching up your skincare routine right before the holidays. Even if you’re switching to high-quality skincare products, it’s important to note that it may take a couple to a few weeks for your skin to adjust to the new products, so it’s best not to switch it up to avoid any unnecessary breakouts. 

Simplify Your Routine

It’s hard to want to go through your whole skincare routine late at night after a long day of holiday celebrations. However, if you don’t remove your makeup, you could wake up to nasty breakouts and clogged pores. A solution to this? Use products that have more than one function.

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Glowing Skin During the Holidays

For example, MintPear’s Clarifying Daily Facial Cleanser is a great 2 in 1 for removing makeup and washing your face. It is gentle enough to use to remove makeup, and you’re saving time by skipping that step because your face is getting the deep clean it needs after a long day. So, on the days you don’t feel like completing a full skincare routine, reach for multitasking products.

Get Plenty of Zzzz’s

Maybe you don’t associate the holidays with a lack of sleep, but there are many sneaky factors that can make December the most sleepless time of the year. To start, alcohol majorly impacts sleep, and holiday stress ― from financial obligations to juggling work and a packed social calendar ― can keep us up longer. But if you want to keep your skin in peak condition during the holidays, getting good sleep is key. 

Up Your Moisturizing Game

If you’re in a colder climate, you’re often getting exposed to dry, cold air when outdoors and hot, dry air in your home. This can wreak havoc on our skin, causing dryness, irritation, and breakouts. Get a humidifier if you’re in a colder climate to mitigate the effects of dry, hot air inside the home.

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Glowing Skin During the Holidays

Also, it’s important to add a heavier moisturizer or moisturizing serum to your skincare routine. A good time to use it is before bed since you won’t be applying makeup. We recommend adding MintPear’s Rosehip Night Serum to your nightly winter skincare routine. MintPear’s Rosehip Night Serum is an all-natural, pure, and organic nighttime treatment to repair and heal your skin’s texture, and overall appearance. This serum is infused with all the sleepy vibes of Lavender Oil + Calendula Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, and other beneficial ingredients to restore your skin overnight. 


We know the holidays can be a stressful time, but that stress can wreak havoc on your skin. Stress can make skin problems worse and cause breakouts and excess oil buildup.

And while this is a busy time of year, try to remember the magic of the holidays and enjoy it as stress-free as you can. The ability to relax is important in effectively managing stress and anxiety and you will see the difference in your overall complexion as well. 


Happy Holidays! Xoxo, Rita

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