5 Reasons You have Adult Acne, and 5 ways you can get rid of it!

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5 reasons you have adult acne, and 5 ways you can get rid of it

It must be the most frustrating thing; you’ve finally grown out of your teenage years and have entered your 20’s, only to find your acne tagged along. What a disappointment, especially if you thought you had grown out of your acne to now have to deal with adult acne.

It’s not uncommon to have your acne meeting your wrinkles, even though that doesn’t make it any less irritating. In fact, you are not alone. According to Oscar S.D. Grino, Jr. MD, Dermatologist at Derm & Beyond Skin and Aesthetic Center, says that adult acne is, in fact, common in 30% to 40% of adults. “Even adults in their 50’s can still have acne.” Dr. Recio states that about 35% of the cases who are affected by acne as adults are women.

Here are some reasons you might be dealing with Adult Acne and some ways you can cure it, for good.

  1. Hormones:

During our monthly cycle or pregnancy, we produce more androgens (the male hormone) like testosterone, and it’s one of the main culprits for acne. It can cause painful cystic acne on the chin area, neck and back.

  1. Air Quality:

Believe it or not, the environment that you are living in has a major impact on the health of your skin. Pollution these days has gotten out of hand, and is basically like a layer of disgusting waste on your face all day long. Using a primer (such as the MintPear Collagen Serum) to block these pollutants from entering your pores will pay off.

  1. Stress:

Yes, we often hear how stress can have a negative effect on our health including our skin. However, it’s often misperceived to be the actually cause, when in fact it’s been scientifically-proven, that the stress hormones, cortisol doesn’t actually cause stress, but it does in fact, increase your chances of having more/worse breakouts. So, if you want to stop your adult acne pattern, I recommend taking a yoga class here and there or some daily 10 min meditation to let go of some deeply rooted stress that might be ailing you daily.

  1. You are using the wrong skincare products:

It makes complete sense to use a cleanser that is going to give you that deep clean and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and tight, right? Wrong! You could actually be doing your skin a disservice by over-cleansing and using a foaming products that is stripping your skin from it’s natural protection, the oil lipid-barrier. By using a sulfate-free cleanser like the Daily Clarifying Cleanser, you will be able to help repair the skin, and give it the support it needs to build that natural defense, to protect itself against bad bacteria and impurities, that are causing your acne.

  1. Your Diet and Food Intake:

Ever hear the saying: “You are what you eat”? Well, it doesn’t fall too far from the truth. The healthier you eat, the less processed foods you are ingesting, the less sugar and starchy foods you consume, the better off your health, happiness and skin are going to be.

On the contrary, if you believe you are a health-nut and there’s nothing wrong with your diet, you may want to look into the ingredient Iodine, it has been said that it is a major cause for acne. Pinned as an “acne-causing-food”. This ingredient is found in foods such as: shell fish, some greens, spinach and Kale. The difference from this ingredient vs the next day cyst after that chocolate ice cream indulgence or that extra slice of pizza, is the Iodine, takes a few months to build up in your system before it causes skin problems. With any diet change, it’s not immediate, it takes up to 30 days for your system to cleanse itself and literally detoxify. So, be sure to stick to it, if you are determined to find what is causing your ance.

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Ways you can cure your adult acne:

1. Ingredients you should be using:

Make sure you are paying attention to the ingredients in your daily routine. The ingredients you want to be using are:

• Glycolic Acid, this is an AHA (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) helping to improve the texture of the skin, by sloughing-off dead, dry skin cells. It also helps to activate the Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid production, which will help to heal and repair damaged skin (acne scaring). You can find this ingredient in the MintPear Pumpkin Exfoliating Masque.

• Vitamins A, C, and E. Giving your skin the nutrients it needs to successfully combat difficult adult acne, is like preparing for an exam or not. By using these ingredients your skin is going to have the necessary tools to win the battle. These ingredients also aid in the healing process. This is why we included all of these ingredients in our Vitamin Rich Daily Moisturizer.

2. Exercising Daily:

Living an active lifestyle, will help to fight adult acne. A lifestyle that is not sedentary, will help to improve your over-all health and immune system by increasing the production of the body’s anti-bodies (white-cells) that help to defend your body and skin from harmful, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins and germs before they can even cause a breakout. It’s a good goal, to get up and walk around at least 30 minutes a day to get that heart beat above average and get the blood flowing. It’s worth it. Not to mention; “Hello, YASSS please.” To those extra endorphins!!!

3. Exfoliating (The Correct Way):

Never over scrub or irritate acne-prone skin. Using a chemical type of exfoliator is ideal. This will help to remove excess dead skin that can result in a crusty layer over the skin, creating a perfect breading zone for acne-causing bacteria. YUCK, by using the Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating Masque 2-3 times a week, you can prevent this from happening.

4. Consistency:

The ultimate solution for acne, is finding the best acne treatment product that is going to help at the source, by using the Vitamin C Serum from MintPear 1-2 daily after you’ve cleansed and prior to your moisturizer, you will have a consistent routine that will help you fight new acne and heal old acne scars. The longer you use this product, the more beneficial it will be, and the better the results. Check out our complete vitamin C serum guide.

5. It might take more than just a topical routine:

Be mindful that hormones can be quite the beast, and in some severe cases of acne, it might be beneficial to look into solutions that are a bit more aggressive/effective. By seeking a medical professional’s opinion, you could possibly be saving money and emotional distress in the long run.

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