5 Essential Beauty Tools You MUST Add To Your Routine

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In the past few years, there’s been a rise in gadgets, devices, and tools to give you professional-level results in the comfort of your own home. Just like an outfit isn’t complete without fun accessories, a beauty routine is much more powerful when there are tools involved. Right now with it being almost impossible to get in for your regular salon visit, facial, or nail appointment, there has never been a better time than now to invest in your beauty routine. These 5 beauty tools will kick your routines to a whole new level and make you feel like you just walked out of a high-end spa!

  1. Rose Quartz Facial Roller – 

MintPear’s Rose Quartz Facial Roller is hands down the prettiest tool in my skin-care toolbox. This beauty tool is used to support blood circulation, gives skin a more elastic feel, a more toned look, and the appearance of reduced pores. Before bed, after applying your trusted nighttime serums, use the Rose Quartz Facial Roller to massage the serum into your skin so it deeply penetrates. The tool itself is extremely relaxing and leaves a cooling effect on your skin. It also leaves your face noticeably less puffy.

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5 Essential Beauty Tools You MUST Add To Your Routine
  1. Makeup and Skincare Fridge – 

I can’t say enough good things about my skincare fridge! Skincare fridges are convenient to store the heavy-hitters of your skincare regimen and make a lovely addition to any vanity display, but beyond the aesthetics, chilling your skincare products can actually benefit your skin. Cold skincare products have been known to have the most benefit when you’re looking to constrict blood vessels for a firmer, tighter appearance such as reducing dark under-eye bags or puffiness. This means that eye creams, face mists, and facial rollers, and products with high concentrations of vitamin C can benefit from being stored in the fridge, while water-based products like toners and sheet masks can provide a refreshing and cooling effect to dull or sunburned skin. My personal favorite is the Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator.

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5 Essential Beauty Tools You MUST Add To Your Routine
  1. Temperature Controlled Hair Dryer – 

Adding a temperature-controlled hairdryer into my beauty routine was a game-changer for my hair. I have color-treated hair that I try hard not to heat style too often but was finding my old hairdryer to be very damaging. I decided to bite the bullet and invest in the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer and I haven’t looked back! I really wondered if it would be worth the money or if I would notice a difference, but let me tell ya, the results are amazing. This hair dryer leaves my hair feeling super soft and shiny, with its temperature control and quick-drying capability. My hair has never been healthier, I will never go back to using a regular hair dryer again! 

5 Essential Beauty Tools You MUST Add To Your Routine
  1. High-Quality Makeup Brushes – 

The secret to expert makeup application is expert makeup brushes. MintPear’s 7 Piece Makeup Brush Set is the ultimate brush set – a full wardrobe of face and eye brushes that handles all your application needs beautifully and efficiently! These ultra-soft bristles are made to help effortlessly pick up and distribute powder and cream products for a finish you’ll love. Whether you are looking to create a flawless base or elevate your eye look with high pigment shadows, these cruelty-free synthetic fibers are uniquely designed to maneuver around the face and eye using minimum product. Remember to clean your makeup brushes every week.

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5 Essential Beauty Tools You MUST Add To Your Routine
  1. Invest In An At-Home Gel Nail Kit – 

Whether you miss your nail salon visits, you’re trying to save a little money on manicures, or you’re simply going stir crazy, now’s the time to learn how to do your own gel mani. Unlike regular at-home manicures, gel nails require zero drying time, so you can get back to business ASAP. There are so many different at-home gel manicure kits to choose from. The Gel Polish Pro Kit from Red Carpet Manicure is my personal fave because it comes with everything you need to get started. When I do my own gel nails, they last 2-3 weeks – SO much better than a couple days with my regular nail polish! If storage space is an issue, there are smaller LED light options as well! 

5 Essential Beauty Tools You MUST Add To Your Routine
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