5 Benefits of Collagen Serum | The Complete Collagen Serum Guide

Benefits of Collagen Serum
5 Benefits of Collagen Serum | The Complete Collagen Serum Guide

If only it were as simple as visiting the Fountain of Youth to maintain the taut and voluminous look as we continue to age, but unfortunately, this only truly exists in fairytales. One of the main components for the deterioration of the plumpness of our skin and youthful radiance is that our bodies begin to slow their production of a powerhouse protein called collagen.

Therefore, many people have begun to turn to collagen supplementation to improve their skin, joints, and hair. This health fad has become a billion-dollar industry with no indication of slowing. According to a recent study, the collagen market is currently over an 8 billion dollar industry and is looking to increase by 9% by 2028. Collagen powders and skincare products are found everywhere now, but do people really know what they are buying? Read on as we dig into the science and break down what collagen is, the benefits of collagen serum, and share the best collagen serum for your skin.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an amino acid compound, and this compound forms proteins. You can find these proteins in cartilage, tendons, muscles, bones, connective tissue, and skin.

What Does Collagen Do?

Collagen’s primary purposes are to promote healthy joints and skin elasticity.

Types of Collagens

Did you know that there is more than one type of collagen? Although there are close to thirty different types of collagen, five different types are most critical for our health. So let’s look at each of these collagen types in a little greater detail.

Collagen TypeWhere Collagen Type is FoundCollagen BenefitsNatural Collagen Sources
Type ISkin
Blood vessel walls
Connective tissue
Diminishes wrinkles
Improves skin tautness
Assists with wound healing
Egg whites
Bone broth
Fish collagen
Bovine collagen peptides  
Type IICartilagePromotes healthy jointsChicken
Bone broth
Collagen powder
Bovine collagen peptides  
Type IIIOrgans
Blood vessels
Aids in muscle growth
Assists with blood clotting  
Bone broth
Bovine collagen peptides
Collagen powder
Type IVKidneys
Aids in cleaning kidneysEgg whites
Type VSkin
Makes the placentaEgg whites  

Collagen & Skincare: What is Collagen Serum

After the age of 20, we begin to start producing about 1% less collagen per year. Adding a collagen serum to your routine can help to counteract this change in natural production.

Collagen Serum is a skincare product that contains highly concentrated ingredients that help promote collagen synthesis. In addition, this type of serum includes peptides which are amino acids that also occur naturally in the skin. These peptides help the body to begin to produce more collagen, helping to make your skin look plumper and restore that youthful glow.

How to Use Collagen Serum on Face

While it is essential to take a collagen supplement, one of the best ways to quickly start seeing more youthful-looking skin is by using a collagen serum daily on your face. Applying collagen directly to the skin to penetrate deeply into the epidermis is vital.

“I recommend using a collagen serum after cleansing and toning and before your night oil or day moisturizer,” shared Master Esthetician Rita Almusa. “I recommend using one pump of collagen serum every morning,” she added. One pump of serum is equal to about the size of a pea. This amount of collagen serum should be enough to cover your entire face. Not sure if you are using the right amount? For example, a 1oz collagen serum bottle should last about 4-6 weeks. If you are going through your product faster, then using too much might be the culprit.

Remember to use sunscreen daily to help maintain your progress.

Benefits of Collagen Serum

Many immediate and long-term benefits are experienced when using collagen serum. For example, in a study that focused on the results of topical collagen treatments, participants saw a decrease in fine lines within minutes of using a serum. At the same time, more significant benefits were experienced after twelve weeks of consistent use. Some of the benefits of collagen serum include:

Visibly Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Collagen serum doesn’t merely mask fine lines and wrinkles, but another one of the benefits of collagen serum is that it helps to vanquish them. In addition, since natural collagen production reduces as we age, applying a serum helps restore lipids within our skin’s fatty layer.

Increases in Elastin & Collagen Production

We have already discussed the importance of increasing collagen production, but elastin is another essential component of our skin that affects the tautness of the skin. Therefore, the peptides in a collagen serum help promote elastin and collagen production. Increasing elastin and collagen production is one of our favorite benefits of collagen serum.

Improves Skin Texture

Collagen is responsible for making our skin firm and strong. However, environmental free radicals weaken the collagen proteins within our skin as we age. This leaves our skin thinner and more fragile. Therefore, adding a collagen serum to your daily routine helps restore your skin’s strength and firmness.

Promotes Healing

As we get older, the healing process of our skin begins to take longer because our natural production of collagen begins to dip. Collagen plays a vital role in wound healing as it enrolls the help of skin cells and the immune system to aid in healing the wound faster. As a collagen serum begins to ramp up collagen production, the healing timeline of your skin also improves. This is especially important for those that have acne-prone skin.

Side Effects of Collagen Serum

While there are many benefits of collagen serum, there are also some mild side effects that have been experienced while using collagen serum. However, side effects can occur as your body begins to adapt to a new product and should lessen as your skin adjusts. If prolonged side effects are experienced, remember to consult your dermatologist.

  • Slight Tingling- tingling should subside within a matter of minutes.
  • Moderate Redness – redness should subside quickly, but if you are experiencing redness that lasts for hours, you should change the frequency you use the product or discontinue use altogether.

What is the Best Collagen Serum?

It can be a challenge to try to figure out which collagen serum is best for you when there are literally hundreds of options on the market. That is why we asked our Master Esthetician Rita Almusa for her expert opinion on what is the best collagen serum on the market. “As we age, our bodies start decreasing collagen production, so you need to find a product with the proper molecular level to seep into the skin and improve the skin’s collagen levels. That is why I love MintPear’s Collagen Serum – Regenerate & Restore. Our Collagen Serum is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce sun damage,” said Rita.

MintPear’s Collagen Serum – Regenerate & Restore

Collagen Serum
5 Benefits of Collagen Serum | The Complete Collagen Serum Guide

The best collagen serum on the market is MintPear’s Collagen Serum- Regenerate & Restore. MintPear’s Collagen Serum is a tripeptide serum. It contains patented and proprietary collagen-boosting ingredients that diminish existing wrinkles and stop new wrinkles before they start. Featuring MP-7™, our unique proprietary cosmeceutical active ingredient. MP-7™. It is the market’s most fantastic elastin filler and ‘needle-free’ collagen. Also, a patented, green-chemistry process forms MP-7™. In addition, this proprietary ingredient contains a safe and pre-activated source of energy for skin which is used to reactivate collagen synthesis and elastin production.

MintPear’s Collagen Serum is ideal for those experiencing:

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Dehydrated Skin
  • Aging and Maturing Skin
  • Large Pores
  • Sagging
  • Dull Looking Skin

Benefits of MintPear’s Collagen Serum- Regenerate & Restore

Below are a few benefits of MintPear’s Collagen Serum that you can expect within a few weeks of using this product.

  • Visibly Diminishes Deep Wrinkles
  • Decreases Wrinkle Volume
  • Increases Glow with Aloe Vera, Camellia Leaf, Tsubaki Leaf, and Porphyridium Cruentum Extracts
  • Improves Collagen Synthesis & Total Collagen
  • Grows Elastin Production
  • Improves Skin’s Firmness
  • Promotes Skin Healing
  • Neutralizes Free Radicals

Collagen Before and After

A few of our wonderful customers shared their results after using MintPear’s Collagen Serum. We can’t wait for you to share your results with us too!

MintPear Serum Results
5 Benefits of Collagen Serum | The Complete Collagen Serum Guide
MintPear's Serum Before and After
5 Benefits of Collagen Serum | The Complete Collagen Serum Guide
Serum Results
5 Benefits of Collagen Serum | The Complete Collagen Serum Guide

Collagen Serum Reviews

This five-star rated Collagen Serum from MintPear has customers raving about their results. This product has over 600 reviews and is growing. Let’s look at a couple of our happy collagen serum customers!

Collagen Serum Customer Reviews
5 Benefits of Collagen Serum | The Complete Collagen Serum Guide

Collagen Serum vs. Vitamin C Serum

Collagen Serum and Vitamin C Serum are excellent serums that should be included in your daily routine, but what are the differences? First, let’s break down the qualities of these two fantastic skincare products.

 Collagen SerumVitamin C Serum
Main ComponentProteinsAntioxidants
Results TimelineImmediate & additional after 12 weeksAfter two weeks
When Should It Be UsedDay or NightNight
Interacts With SunlightNoYes
Promotes Collagen ProductionYesYes
Promotes Elastin ProductionYesYes
Fades Dark SpotsYesYes
Firms SkinYesYes

As you can see, these two serums offer many of the same benefits. However, each serum is designed to target particular skin issues. For example, collagen serum is made to promote collagen production to diminish wrinkles and restore the tautness of your skin. Although Vitamin C serum also helps restore tautness, this type of serum is ideal for those looking to drastically diminish dark spots and are looking to even their skin tone. Therefore these serums can and should be added to your daily skincare routine. For example, MintPear’s Skin Expert recommends using the Collagen Serum after your toner during the day and applying MintPear’s C Your Youth Vitamin C Serum after your toner at night.

The Bottom Line

Collagen serum is a powerhouse product that helps to keep your skin firm and healthy. Often people think that they need to wait to use collagen serum when they begin to see the signs of aging. However, we recommend using this product for prejuvenation before the wrinkles and fine lines start to show. Therefore, it is a product that should be used daily beginning in your early twenties. The benefits of collagen serum will have your skin looking and feeling its best. Let us know how collagen serum has transformed your skin.


Does collagen serum help with wrinkles?

One of the best benefits of collagen serum is that it helps to promote collagen production, which helps to diminish the signs of wrinkles by restoring the skin’s natural tautness.

When should you use collagen serum?

Collagen serum can be used in the morning or the evening during your daily skincare routine to reap the benefits of collagen serum.

Is collagen serum good for your face?

Collagen serum is good for your face as it helps to promote collagen and elastin production while also helping to even your skin tone.

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