13 Useful Beauty Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

Do you wear glasses? Do you sometimes feel that they hide your pretty eyes? We have 13 helpful beauty tips for people who wear glasses.

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Top Beauty Tips for People Who Wear Glasses


Do you run into the problem of your eyelashes banging against your lens with each blink? Start your day by heating your eyelash curler and curling your lashes, this with keep them away from your glasses and looking full all day long.


Use colors like gray, lighter browns, teal, and even some purple! These colors will make your eyes pop! It will bring brightness to your face and your eyes will not go unnoticed.


Wear some bright red lipstick! It will be sure to keep the focus off your glasses and leave you feeling beautiful and ready to take on the day!

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Use some concealer, use a shade that will counteract any shadows that can be caused by your frames. This will help you to look more alert and awake!

Eye-Shadow Primer

Use this underneath your eyeshadow. It will make your eyeshadow extra bold, helps prevent creases. It stays on all day and if you put a tiny bit on the bridge of your nose where your glasses sit, it will help them from slipping!


Look for a mascara that is black, look for one that has volume and long-wearing! This will help to keep your eyelashes off your lens, and will also prevent it from getting smudges onto your lens.

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Add some blush, Add some blush after you have your glasses on so that you be sure not to hide your beautiful cheekbones.


Use eyeshadow! Use a color wheel to help you decide what colors are complementary to your eye color. This will help to brighten your eyes up and hide that fact that you have glasses on. Looking to try a new eyeshadow look? Visit our blog for a variety of eyeshadow tutorials.



Don’t forget your brows! You can get a great brow gel, or even just fill them in a bit as needed! Brows still play an important role in helping to frame your face!

LED Lights

Use great lighting LED Lights with mirror is a great option- get up close and personal into a mirror when applying your makeup – This way you will be sure not to miss anything being blind without your glasses.

Invest in a Cleaning Kit

Make sure to have a good cleaning kit to keep your glasses clean and sparkling all the time.

Travel Brushes

Get yourself some smaller makeup travel brushes with short handles – You will be able to get up closer to the mirror and not have to worry about them hitting anything. Check out our brushes.

Add Some Color

Color frames can be fun – match them with your outfit, your lipstick, or better yet to match your makeup!

If you are looking for other great tips that focus on the health of your skin in addition to beauty tips for people who wear glasses, visit our blog.

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