10 Family Photo Makeup Tips

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Here are my family photo makeup tips for your next outing in front of the camera. These steps will help you look your absolute best for your fun day capturing such memorable moments. The last thing you want or need is added stress worrying how your makeup is looking. Follow my helpful advice below, and avoid any regret, once you get the proofs back.  Most importantly, enjoy your day and be grateful to capture such precious moments with your family.

1. Always begin with a freshly exfoliated and well-moisturized face; nothing is more gorgeous than a fresh smooth face! I use the Pumkping Enzyme Exfoliating Masque before any photoshoot. I always use the Vitamin Rich Daily Moisturizer and Under Eye Nourishing Creme to nourish and moisturize before I apply my makeup.

2. It’s best to apply your makeup in natural lighting, next to a window rather than artificial lighting such as the bathroom. This will help to ensure you are selecting the correct shades/hues and ensure a flawless, even application.

3. You must use a good makeup primer. This is just as important as selecting a great foundation. Use the primer after you have moisturized your skin and prior to applying your foundation/base. This will create a smooth canvas and help to conceal large pores, fill in the fine lines and wrinkles and ensure your makeup will stay in place all day! I recommend using the Collagen Serum for a great primer.

4. Avoid using mineral makeup during photoshoots. Mineral Makeup will give a very distinct and unwanted glow or reflection in photos. Opt for using a foundation that is at least medium coverage with a nice movement for an even application that doesn’t look ‘cakey’. When applying your foundation it is best to apply using a high-quality foundation brush or using a damp makeup beauty blending sponge rather than wiping your foundation on your face with your hands. This will give you streaks, uneven coverage and also contaminate your foundation with germs. I personally use all MintPear Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blending Sponge to get the best application every day.

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5. Set your foundation with a translucent setting powder to remove unwanted shine, and to set makeup in place. I personally use the Laura Mercier – Translucent Setting Powder or the IT Cosmetics – Bye Bye Pores. This does not add any additional coverage. I apply with  the large powder brush from the Trio Brush Set.

6. Go dramatic! Remember your makeup will look much less intense on photos, so wear a bit more than you would on a normal day. Avoid using shiny, glitter, metallic type eyeshadows. Instead, stick to matte or satin finishes. Avoid using trendy bright colors to avoid a ‘dated’ look. It always looks better to stick to neutral/earthy tones. Golden browns usually compliment any eye color!

7. Less is more when it comes to eyeliner. I recommend using a powder/eyeshadow rather than a heavy thick liquid eyeliner. It’s great to line the lashline to enhance the fullness of the lashes. Be careful not to line the waterline too intensely as this will only make your eyes appear closed off and small.

8. Mascara… To wear or not to wear? Do you know mascara is the ultimate sign of femininity? There is nothing sexier than a gorgeous full set of thick, long lashes. I recommend using a primer and 2 coats of waterproof mascara for the photo shoot, this will make your life so much easier and less messy. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can watch my tutorial where I show you how to apply false eyelashes.

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9. Blush is a must! Give yourself that beautiful youthful natural glow. Just be sure that you select a color/tone that is close to your own natural ‘flush’. Avoid shimmery, glitter type products. Smile when applying and apply in circular motions when applying to the apples of your cheeks, then back towards the ears. I have to reiterate that the photos will wash you out, so don’t skip this step, or you’ll look sickly in the photos.

10. Lips! This one can be tricky, because personally I have a difficult time finding the correct neutral shade, but it’s worth the effort. Neutral shades always look incredible on camera. Going for a bold red or pink lip can actually age you (yikes)! I recommend finding the matching lipliner to help define the lips, it helps to blend the lipliner once applied prior to applying the lipstick. Finish with a dab of lipgloss in the center of your lips to create a nice juicy lip!

Let me know how my family photo makeup tips helped during your next photo session.

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